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In this webpage, I’m going to share with you the  5 fundamental elements every business needs to operate successfully.  By the time you finish reading this page, you will know more than 95% of all the other business owners.

It Doesn’t Matter How Big or Small, & It Doesn’t Matter What Product or Service You Deliver.
Every Successful Business In The World Has All 5 of Them Working Together, and Every Failed Business in History Didn’t.

They are the lifeblood of every single business on the planet, and every failed business in history

No matter how big or small the business, they all need FIVE Fundamental Elements working together to succeed.

  • Lose ONE, and the business will be shaky.
  • Lose TWO and the business is about to fail.
  • Lose THREE, and failure is imminent.

There Are No Exceptions To This Fundamental Truth
None What-So-Ever.

Here’s the thing – once you know what to look for, it’s super easy to identify what’s wrong, fix it and take a flailing business and turn it into a money making machine.

Let me paint you a picture of the 5 Fundamental Elements this way:
Think of a 5 cylinder airplane engine. It is shaped like a star, and when all 5 pistons are firing, the engine runs smooth as silk. Every cylinder is of equal importance, every cylinder share the same amount of responsibility to produce power.

As long as the engine is firing on all 5 cylinders, the engine operates smooth, produces power, and lifts the plane to higher and higher into the air.

  • If it loses a cylinder, the engine is off balance, it vibrates and begins to lose power. It might continue climbing, but not at the rate and speed it was.
  • If it loses a second cylinder, all hell breaks lose and the plane has a hard time to just maintain altitude.
  • If it loses a third, it’s all over – the plane is going to the ground – one way or the other.

The same exact thing happens to all businesses, except the pistons are different.

They have a name and a function:

  1. Vision / Leadership
  2. Customer Identification / You need to know “who” to market to
  3. Marketing / Make the Phone Ring
  4. Front End / Front End Sales (answering the phone and taking orders)
  5. Back End / Product Fulfillment and Delivery.

Like an engine, all Five parts (cylinders) are of equal importance. One cannot operate efficiently without the other.

They all connect to the crankshaft, which connects to the flywheel. The Flywheel is what creates the centrifugal force to keep it all going.

The exact same thing holds true for a business.

  • Lose ONE, things don’t operate every smoothly and the going begins to get tough.
  • Lose TWO, Business Growth Stops – and it becomes difficult to maintain daily operations.
  • Lose THREE, Game-Over. The business ceases and forward movement, growth is non-existent, and it is simply a matter of time before the business closes its doors.

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For the business owner who is considering selling the business sometime in the future, it is critical to address the 5 Elements and get the business operating efficiently on all 5 cylinders, or you risk not being able to sell your business, and if you do, you risk leaving an enormous amount of money on the table for the buyer who is aware of them.

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