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​​​​I Help People Buy, Build and Sell Businesses

Hi, I’m Paul Forsberg.

Would you like to buy a business with all of the right things wrong with it?

Do you own a business and want to streamline operations, increase profits?

Are you currently a business owner and are wondering what you need chiefessays.net to do so you can sell it when the time is right you can retire and live comfortably off the fruits of your labor?

If either one of these scenarios ring true with you, I encourage you to look around this website and subscribe to this site so you can get notifications.

My contact information on on the Contact Me page, and I’m really easy to get along with.

But … before you do, you might be a bit curious about me (as you should), so let me literature review example

There are a lot of benefits to using custom writings. They make it a lot simpler for you to receive the information you want from write my paper for me a company, but are quite expensive also. Using custom writings can require a lot of headache and the stress out of having a fantastic rate for your services, and because you use custom writing doesn’t mean you need to break the bank.

quickly tell you a little about myself …….

I’m 60 years old and live in Melbourne, Florida with my wife, Troy. Between us, (we’re both re-treads) we have six children, eight grandchildren  and three cats.

I come from very humble beginnings – in the early days, we lived with my grandparents in small 2 bedroom house my grandfather built with his two hands.

My dad and both of my grandfathers were hard working fishermen and I followed in their footsteps until I was 35. After getting a hip replacement at the ripe old age of 31, I made a decision to get off of the water & do something else.

I Tried and Failed Miserably at Getting and Holding a Job – (I was unemployable).

I Had a Knack at Marketing And Making The Phone Ring – So I Went Into Business For Myself – 

Fast forward 29 years & multiple businesses later, (all but one were successful and profitable), I became a business broker and discovered the biggest problem good how to ideas most people in business is while they might be really good at DOING their job, they have big issues.

After helping a few of my friends in the business who were struggling, I decided to take what simple demonstration speech ideas I know and turn it into a business, and now I offer Coaching, Consulting and Marketing services to business professionals.
And …… I wrote an Amazon Best Selling Book Titled “The 5 Fundamental Elements of Every Successful and Sellable Business … Why Most Businesses Cannot Be Sold and What To Do About It”  >> Get Book Here <<

If you’re here reading this webpage, you’re most likely looking for answers to something  …..

Take a look around – and contact me if you can use a little help.

Lets make a plan to get together for 15 or 20 minutes and discuss your situation and explore your options.

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