About Paul

I Help Business Professionals
Generate Quality Leads & Book More Appointments
So They Can Grow Their Business
Compromising Their Morals
Sacrificing Their Lifestyles, or
Killing Themselves In The Process.

Hi, I’m Paul Forsberg.

Would you like to learn how to Attract Quality Leads & Book More Appointments So You Can Grow Your Business Without Compromising Your Morals, Sacrificing Your Lifestyle, or Killing Yourself in the Process?

GOOD  … I thought so.

I encourage you to look around this website and blog.
Afterward, if you like what you see and what I have to say,  please feel free to contact me in any way that is convenient. All of my contact information on on the Contact Me page, and I’m really easy to get along with.

But … before you do, you might be a bit curious about me as you should, so let me quickly tell you a little about myself …….
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I’m 59 years old and live in Melbourne, Florida with my wife, Troy.
Between us, (we’re both re-treads) we have six children, seven grandchildren  and two cats.

I come from very humble beginnings – in the early days, we lived with my grandparents in small 2 bedroom house my grandfather built with his two hands.

My dad and both of my grandfathers were hard working fishermen.
I followed in their footsteps until I was 35, and decided to get off of the water & try something else.

I Had a Knack at Marketing And Making The Phone Ring – So I Went Into Business For Myself – 

Fast forward 23 years & multiple businesses later, (all but one were successful and profitable), I became a business broker and discovered the biggest problem most self employed professionals such as Business Brokers, Commercial Real Estate Agents and Accountants have, is they are quite good at DOING their profession, but HORRIBLE at marketing and making the phone ring so they can actually DO their profession.

After helping a few of my friends in the business who were struggling, I decided to take what I know and turn it into a business, and now I offer Coaching, Consulting and Marketing services to business professionals.

I also oversee the operation of a Business Brokerage Office in Florida, and I wrote an Amazon Best Selling Book Titled “The 5 Fundamental Elements of Every Successful and Sellable Business … Why Most Businesses Cannot Be Sold and What To Do About It”  >> Get Book Here <<

If you’re here reading this webpage, you’re most likely looking for answers on how to make your phone ring with quality leads and book more appointments so you can close more business deals.

Take a look around – and contact me if you or your company can use some Business Professional Marketing help.

Lets make a plan to get together for 15 or 20 minutes and discuss your situation and explore your options.