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Business GPA Score

Remember back in the school days when we paid attention to our Report Card and then the GPA score?  It determined everything: Freedom to go out on weekends Social Status among peers College loans, grants,

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Business and Vacations

The best thing you can do for your business is go on a long vacation. How many times have you muttered the words “This Place Would Fall Apart If I Ever Took a Vacation.” If you ask any 50 small

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Business Life-Cycle | Business Exit Plan

Every business goes through a number of changes during the course of its lifetime, and business owners should make sure they understand exactly where they are in the cycle so they can prepare for the next

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Business Value Video Series

That Can Help You  Take a Labor Intensive, Underperforming, Cash Sucking Business and Turn It Into a Low-Friction Operation That Uses Capital Efficiently, Operates Profitably &Prints Money Consistently,

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