The 5 Fundamental Elements of Every Successful and Sellable Business

Business Exit Timing

It Doesn’t Matter How Big or Small The Business. It Doesn’t Matter What Product or Service You Deliver.
Every Successful Business In The World Has All 5 Fundamental Elements Working Together, and Every Failed Business in History Does Not!

A message from the author-

The business failure rate in this world is staggering, and the sad truth about the businesses that do make it, only a few can be sold for Top Dollar!
“Entrepreneurs work hard – sacrificing their time, family, friends, and lord knows what else. I mean, we really work our tails off and the last thing any of us want to do after all of our hard work and sacrifice is end up being forced to close the doors in a liquidation sale, or when the time comes, end up selling the business for pennies on the dollar. None of us can afford the pain and anguish of being forced to clip coupons to get by in retirement because we failed to plan ahead of time.

You owe it to yourself to get the best help and advise you possibly can so you’re not taken advantage of and embarrassed – READ THIS BOOK – and Discover What You Need To Do Starting Tomorrow So You Can Sell Your Business In 2-5 Years And Walk Away Wealthy.”

Family Business Secrets

This is a FABULOUS business exit strategy book. Preparing your business for a succession plan, or obtaining the proper insurance for your future is important!

Irving Katz goes into great detail – I highly recommend reading Irving’s Book.