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Business Investor Success
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Remember back in the school days when we paid attention to our Report Card and then the GPA score?  It determined everything:

  • Freedom to go out on weekends
  • Social Status among peers
  • College loans, grants, and scholarships and acceptance
  • Jobs, etc.

The GPA score was a major factor in our lives back then.
It was a very valuable tool used to gauge how we were doing compared to others.

Fast forward a few years and you’re in business for yourself and there’s no such thing.

You’re left on your own, floundering – working your butt off, trying to figure it all out on your own, with no way compare your business performance to others.

Then, after a number of years of hard work and sacrifice you decide to sell your business and you can’t, or if you do, you get pennies on the dollar.

You never had a way to get your business GPA Score, (like a GPA from school), and you become a statistic.

Check out the “Case-Study” of actual business sales, the business score and time it took to sell.

Business GPA Score

The AVERAGE business has a score if 59.5, or a D+.

Take another look at the graph above and take notice to the GPA score and the time it took to make a sale and the price.

Interesting isn’t it …. and its quite easy to increase your score once you know what it is.

I invite you to get your Business GPA Score today – it’s FREE, and it takes about 11 minutes.

Head to www.BizGpaScore.com and get your Score Today!

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