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With Tsunami of Baby Boomer Business Owners Looking To Sell and Retire, Business Staging Will Become a Necessity.

The Massive Wave of Baby Boomer Business Owners Retiring And Placing Their Businesses Up For Sale.  Competition For Buyers Is Fierce. The Landscape For Selling a Business Is Shifting Like No Other Time In History.

Are You Ready For It?

Research indicates that more than $10 trillion Dollars in Baby Boomer Owned Businesses will be passed down or sold by 2025.

According to BizBuySell.com, the nation’s largest online business sales database,  a startling 50,000 Baby Boomer Owned Businesses will be coming on the market over the next 8 years creating a buyers market unlike anything we have ever seen in history.

This is Unfortunate Because Trillions of Dollars in Value Will be Lost, and Business Staging Will Be The Best Way To Mitigate Risk and Increase Your Chances of Selling a Business for Top Dollar.

The Tsunami of Baby Boomer Business Owners Retiring and placing their businesses up for sale is creating a ‘Business Buyer’s Market’ like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

It’s making the competition for attracting business buyers fierce, and will only get more so in the future.

So what does a business seller do?

The Answer Is Business Staging.

Only properly staged businesses with the most positive outlook and best books are attracting ready-willing-and-able buyers with CASH!

Business Staging, although a new concept in Business Brokerage is rapidly becoming a necessity.

Staging homes for sale has been around for about a decade, and can be done with minimal real effort. Check the curb appeal, add a few plants, pictures, maybe a sofa and paint.

Yet business staging can take anywhere from one to three years because there is a whole lot more that goes into it.

Below are 4 of the most important parts of the puzzle when it comes to properly staging a business for sale.

  1. First off, you need squeaky-clean and easy to understand books. QuickBooks is the darling bookkeeping system for small business. If you’re running an antiquated bookkeeping system, you’re taking a big risk.

    “The longer the spreadsheet, and the more explaining you need to do, the less you can expect to get for the business.” says Business Staging Specialist Paul Forsberg  

  2. Second, you need to develop a positive and believable future of success for the business under new ownership. Business Buyers will only buy a business with a believable future based on past performance, and business staging takes care of this.
  3. Third: You need to have systems in place so the business can run without your constant daily involvement. 20 hours is the key number –
    If your business requires more than 20 hours per week of direct involvement by the owner, you can start slashing the asking price by tens of thousands of dollars.
  4. Fourth: You want to have a good customer mix. If your business is dependent on 20% or more sales coming from one customer, you’re going to have a very hard time selling your business.

Business Staging = The Wave Of The Future.  

Business Staging is going of be of paramount importance in the coming future because:

  1. The tidal wave of baby-boomers getting ready to retire is already making the competition for business buyers fierce. Like selling a house, the one that sticks out in the crowd will be the one getting the most attention.
  2. Buyers who are willing to pay a premium for a business will only do so if they can walk in and begin making money immediately. Easily understood operations, book, customers, etc. will sell at a premium. Complicated businesses will not.

Business Staging is for the most part and unknown to most business brokers because it’s never been needed before.

Staging homes for sale was a closely held secret of residential home developers until the real estate crash of 2007. Then it was widely adapted and used in residential home sales. It’s only been around for about a decade.

For more information about staging your business, contact us.

We have been working with business staging methods for the past 18 months almost exclusively and have found exceptional results for our business sellers!

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I Solve Business Puzzles and Help People Buy, Build & Sell Businesses For Monthly Cash Flow & BIG Paydays. Author #1 Amazon Best Selling Business Book "The 5 Fundamental Elements of Every Successful Business .... Why Most Businesses Cannot Be Sold & What You Can Do About It."

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