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Marketing Niches For Brokers – Video

There Are Riches in Niche's

You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone … If You Think Everyone Is Your Customer, You’ll Be Out Of Business Before You Know It …..
 marketing niches for brokers
Tighten Up Your Marketing Message & Carve out a Niche’ …


One of my coaches (I have 2) told me a little story a while back, and I wanted to pass it along to you – it’s quite interesting – and says a LOT in a very short story.

The Story: After returning home from WW2, two brothers, Henry and Richard Bloch needed to do something to make a living, and they decided to open up an accounting and book-keeping company.They named their new company H&R Block.”

When they began in business, they offered over 30 different services, from advertising to bookkeeping.

Want To Know The Biggest Problem They Faced ?

No One Wanted To Hire Them …

They struggled and scrimped just to keep the lights on.

Then, A Miracle Happened:
Their landlord approached them and asked if they would be willing to post a big sign on the front of the building that said H&R Block prepares tax returns.

The economy was struggling a bit and the landlord was having trouble attracting foot traffic into the building. He was grasping at straws looking for ideas to increase traffic ….

Having nothing to loose, Henry and Dick decided they would help the landlord out, and scratched together just enough money to get a sign made up. It was a real struggle for them because they hardly could pay the rent and feed themselves, much less buy a sign!

Once the sign went up, however, and almost immediately, people began walking into their office for tax services.

Henry and Dick had been advertising since they started their business, but they were trying to be everything to everyone and were actually nothing to no-one.

They were advertising too many services to too many people, and therefore, their marketing message fell on deaf ears.

After the brothers realized that tax preparation had the largest demand of their offerings, they “focused” their services, carved out a niche’, dominated that niche’, and began hiring and expanding.

Today, H&R Block is the most well-known companies in the country.

It’s interesting to learn that one funky – dumb little focused ad took a struggling little company and turned in into an American Institution.

Moral of The Story … marketing niches for brokers

You need to know who your target customer is before you invest money in marketing and advertising.

There are FIVE Fundamental Elements of Every Successful Business, and Customer Identification and Market Niche’ is Fundamental Element #2.

I write about marketing niches for brokers in my book: https://www.amazon.com/Fundamental-Elements-Successful-Sellable-Business/dp/1539553612/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1512150790&sr=8-2&keywords=paul+forsberg

There is POWER in a focused message, “There Are Riches In Niche’s” –

So …. tell me …  Who is your target customer?
Do you have “Specialty” or a Niche’?

Need Help figuring it all out? Contact Me

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Use Different Bait When Fishing For Listing Leads

If You’re Fishing For Listing Leads In The Same Pond as Everyone Else,
You Need To Use Different Bait ! 

Fishing for listing leads is a never ending process. There is no such thing as one perfect way to get 20 listing leads, but there are 20 ways to get one or two listing leads, and out of the 20, one or two of them will produce more listing leads than all of the others combined.

direct mail for listing leads

Use Direct Mail For Listing Leads

You need to switch baits to get the attention of the big ones. After all …. It’s a lot easier to get listing leads when you’re the only one the prospects see, right?

Simple answer!

Now-a-days, with the internet, almost everyone is drinking from the same Kool-Aid container and getting Kool-Aid results.

Use Different Bait

Practically all your competitors are following the herd and doing the same exact same thing as everyone else.

…Facebook, LinkedIn, Google PPC, Retargeting Ads, etc.

You better have deep pockets and be a brilliant internet marketer to have any luck.

All of these sources are so over-crowded now-a-days, it’s akin to a bunch of fishermen in a big pond using the same type of bait – only this bait is advertising noise.

I have agents from all over the country telling me HORROR STORIES of spending (wasting) $2,000…$3,000…even $4,000 a month or more for Google PPC, Facebook ads, and other online lead sources…and they are barely breaking even!

…the craziest part is, just how many do you think are out there that won’t admit to pissing away that much money?

So how do you fix it…

Direct Mail is Different Bait

Quick Story of Sam Walton: In the early days of Walmart, Sam Walton made a strategic decision to “go where the competition isn’t.”

Now obviously Walmart is everywhere today, but in the early days of the company their biggest strategic advantage was building stores in small underserved markets.

That laid the foundation for massive future growth.
Well I encourage you to use a similar strategy. I call it…

“When the Crowd Goes One Way, …You Go The Other!”

Yea – I hear ya’ Everyone  says, “Direct Mail is Dead” – “Direct Mail Does’t Work” – “Direct Mail Is Old-School”

Well, because of direct mail and direct mail ONLY, we picked up:

  • TWO listings last week, got
  • SIX other calls and booked
  • FOUR more listening appointments for next week.
    (tell me again … how many did you get from Google PPC ads?)

The SECRET to direct mail marketing is having a good list or farm area, and you need to mail consistently.

If you pick a farm area and mail to them at a minimum of one per quarter (4 times per year) you’ll own the area – hit them 6 times per year, and you’ll build a fence so high around your farm that no-one else will be able to enter.

Direct Mail Still Works Folks – and probably better now than before because it’s different bait than everyone else uses!

People still go to the mailbox, and people still read the mail.

Then, when that potential listing prospect sees our letter or postcard, there is no competition- they do one of three things.

1) They read it and toss it in the trash 2) They read it and put it in a drawer to grab later, or 3) They read it and call you.

Here’s the rub – THEY READ IT    there’s no competition… it’s the only one of its kind.

You have effectively fished in a different pond!

There’s No Competition WhatsoeverNONE!

Broker Marketing Course Release

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How To Generate an Endless Supply of Listing Leads Without Being Forced to Learn Complicated Technology, Getting Cursed at and Hung Up On With Cold Calls or Wasting Time With Network Events, Getting Arrested at Night For Vandalism Doing Drop Cards, or Worse,  Risking Getting Shot At, Bitten By a Dog, Or Chased Down The Street By A Little Old Lady and an Umbrella While Knocking on Doors …


Customer Contact Is The Secret To Long Term Business Success

Lessons From The Worlds Greatest Salesperson

Hello dear readers –

Have you ever heard of Joe Girard? He was known as “The Worlds Greatest Salesperson” – he sold cars.

I read a book about him once and found his story quite interesting.

Recently, I came across an email from Early To Rise and felt it pertinent to copy/past to this blog for you to read.

How a Funeral Turned Joe Girard Into the World’s Greatest Salesperson

Joe Girard knows how to sell cars.

In fact, he’s listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “the world’s greatest salesman.”

To become the world’s greatest salesperson, he used what is perhaps the most underused lead-generation technique in the world. Yet it’s probably the most effective way of getting new business. It gives a salesperson instant credibility with a prospective customer – making the prospect more likely to buy.

The idea came to Girard while he was attending a funeral.

Before I tell you what it is, let’s take a look at some of the most notable selling statistics from Girard’s 14-year (1963 to 1977) car-selling career
(courtesy of Tom Sant’s book The Giants of Sales, in which Girard is profiled)…

  • In total, he sold more than 13,000 vehicles. That’s an average of six cars per day.
  • On his best day, he sold 18 vehicles.
  • His best month, he sold 174.
  • In his best year, he sold 1,425.
  • By himself, Joe Girard has sold more cars than 95 percent of all dealers in North America.
  • To make his feat even more incredible, he sold them at retail – one vehicle at a time.

Amazing. Especially when you consider that when he first applied for a job as a car salesman, no one would hire him. At the time, he was in debt and struggling to keep his family fed.

The sales manager who finally hired him at first said “No,” explaining that if he hired Girard his other salespeople wouldn’t like it because their share of walk-in traffic would be reduced. It was only when Girard said he wasn’t interested in the walk-in traffic – he would generate his own leads – that he was hired.

He quickly found that selling without access to the dealership’s walk-in traffic was more difficult than he had hoped it would be. The first thing he did was grab a phonebook and started calling people randomly. He made some headway, but it was tough slogging.

The Funeral That Changed His
Approach to Sales

It was around this time that he attended a funeral. It was a Catholic funeral and mass cards were given out to all those in attendance.

Girard asked the funeral director how he knew how many mass cards to have printed up for each funeral.

The funeral director told Girard that the number of people attending a funeral always seems to average out to 250. So that’s how many he prints up each time.

Soon after that, Girard sold a car to a Protestant funeral director. When he asked how many people typically attend a Protestant funeral, he got the same reply: “About 250.”

When he attended a wedding, he asked the minister the same question. The answer was about 250 on the bride’s side and 250 on the groom’s side.

Joe Girard’s “Law of 250”

It was then that Girard came up with what he called the “Law of 250.”

The basic principle is that most people have about 250 people in their lives who would show up at their funeral or wedding. There are exceptions, of course. Some have more, some have less. But the average seems to be 250.

So how did he use this information?

First off, he realized that if he did a crummy job of selling a car to somebody, he could potentially lose 250 more customers.

But, more importantly – if he did a great job, he could gain 250 more customers.

So Girard reasoned that if he consistently built strong relationships with his customers and treated them fairly, it would make his job a lot easier in the long run.

So he set his sights on getting referrals. How did he go about it?

Here are the three main ways…

  • First, within a few weeks of selling a car to someone, he would call them up and ask how the car was running. If things were going well, he’d ask for a referral. If they weren’t, he’d fix the problem – then ask for a referral.
  • He kept a file listing personal information about each customer – such as the names of their children, what they did for a living, their birthdays, their kids’ birthdays, etc. He’d use that information to personalize his conversations with them. He sincerely cared about people, and made them feel so special they couldn’t wait to recommend him to a friend or relative.
  • Every month, year after year, Girard would send a greeting card to every customer on his list. Inside would be a simple message. He knew they’d need a new car one day, and he wanted to keep himself top of mind. He was careful not to include anything that might sound like a sales pitch. Just an anecdote, a new idea, a news story, a book review, a birthday greeting, or a tip he knew they’d be interested in. (Eventually, this task became so big, he had to hire someone to do it for him.)

Girard’s dedication to keeping in touch with his customers instilled in them a psychological obligation to do business with him. His customers would never even dream of buying a car from someone else.

Girard has often said he doesn’t believe in hard work. That what he does believe in is working smart. And no one approached selling cars any smarter than Joe Girard did.

No matter what product or service you sell, if you don’t have a referral and repeat-business strategy in place, you’re working too hard.

Here are a few referral-related tactics you can start using tomorrow:

SUGGESTED: How to Make Your Customers WANT to Give You a Referral

  1. Go the extra mile for your customers and prospects.

Do things that will make you stand out from the pack. If you see an article that you feel may interest one of them, mail it (or e-mail it, but sending something in the mail tends to have a greater impact). A good way to find appropriate articles is to set up a Google News Alert for topics you feel would interest your customers. If you think a story is relevant, send them the link.

  1. Make sure your customers know about every service you provide.

If you sell Product A to someone, make sure they also know you carry Products B, C, and D. The more solutions your customers know you provide, the more likely it is that they’ll know someone who will benefit from getting a call from you.

  1. Establish relationships with people who sell complementary products or services.

For example, if you sell boats, contact the local marina and introduce yourself. Tell them you’ll be referring your customers to them, and make them aware that you’d be open to any referrals from them.

  1. Ask for a referral.

If you don’t ask, chances are you’ll never get a referral. Customers usually don’t volunteer them on their own. When the time seems right, say something like “Do you know anyone else I might be able to help out?”

  1. Always thank your customers for their referrals.

Obviously, say “Thank you.” But then take it one step further. Send a thank you note or a small gift. It could lead to another referral.

  1. Keep your customers informed.

Let your customers know what happened when you called the person they referred you to. Offer to keep them in the loop as things progress.

Develop and follow through on a referral and repeat-business strategy and, like Joe Girard, you’ll make more sales… and have an easier time doing it.

Article and content provided from an email from www.earlytorise.com

Whaddia’ Think?

Interesting article isn’t it?

So this leads me to the big question –

What Can You Do In Your Business to Make Your Customers WANT to Give You a Referral?




Leave a comment in the comment section –


Direct Mail Secrets for Business Brokers

 If you ask any random 10 business owners who have used Direct Mail Marketing in their business, 9 out of the 10 will say it was terrible, and the 10th will politely smile, say nothing, and walk away.

direct mail secrets for business brokers

If you ask anyone in the real estate brokerage field about Direct Mail Marketing 9 of them will say the results were terrible, and the 10th one will smile, say nothing and quietly slip into their $100,000car a drive off.

Notice a trend?

9 out of 10 fail, and the 10th one makes a bloody fortune.


Want to know why?

There are many reasons. Way too many to post on this article, but I’m going to point out a couple of the main reasons.

  1. You need to know WHO your target market is, and you need to get a GOOD list. Random mailings in a shot-gun approach are foolish. Smart and successful direct mail marketers know the power is in the list.
    Dan Kennedy, who is perhaps the most successful direct mail GURU in the world says in his book the Ultimate Sales Letter, You can have the greatest sales letter in the world, send it to a bad list, and get dismal results, and you can have a not so hot sales letter and send it to a good list, and your results will be OK – combine a good sales letter with a good list, and you’ll make a fortune. (This is not a direct quote but close enough so you get the idea)
  2. Some direct mail marketers focus so much on WHAT they mail, that they lose sight of another variable that’s just as important – and that’s WHEN they mail. There are only certain weeks in a year to effectively do direct mail.

Otherwise, you’re competing with holidays, vacations, seasonality of the business cycle, and more.

Here’s a Tip For You:

If You Don’t Want Your Direct Mail Campaigns to Bomb,
ou Have to Get Your Timing Down.

In my experience, most industries have a good time of year to mail (when they get stellar results) … and a bad one (when you wonder if anyone out there is listening).

Continue Reading »

Will Amazon Sell Business Brokerage Services?

The Big Question for The Future of the Business Brokerage Industry is, Will Amazon Sell Business Brokerage Services in the near future?

I saw a smidgen of a mention on Fox Business News the other day about Amazon teaming up with Zillow and Redfin to begin offering residential real estate services. With horror, I dropped what I was doing and Googled it.

Just to make sure, I did a bit of digging and found TWO credible articles, and pasted the headline, and lit tine info, and the link to the original article.


Amazon quietly reveals possible expansion into real estate


Online shopping giant quietly disclosed a new service coming soon to its users, which would embark into the world of real estate and turn it into a competitor with Zillow andRedfin.


Amazon poised to debut real estate referral service


Amazon appears to be preparing to offer consumers the option to hire real estate agents through its professional services marketplace, likely in exchange for referral fees.

The service would mark the entry of yet another internet behemoth into the real estate marketing space, joining Facebook and Google as a potential source of business for agents.

The article went on to say:

One source who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were approached by a person who was looking for help with integrating agents into Amazon’s professional services marketplace. Agents would have to pay Amazon an upfront fee to be eligible to receive leads through the marketplace, in addition to referral fees, the source said.


This is significant because as the residential real estate market goes, the commercial real estate and business brokerage market follows.

The brokerage business as we know it is undergoing significant changes – depending how you look at it, either with glass half empty or glass half full, it’s changing, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it – except adapt.

One thing Amazon and the Internet cannot change is people’s subconscious thought process, and brokers who learn the fundamental principals of marketing can and will get clients and do business way before Amazon and the internet get their attention.




Social Media Marketing Is a Rip-Off

Unless You Know The Difference Between The Two Marketing Processes

Social Media Marketing Is The Biggest Rip-off On The Planet Unless You Know The Difference Between The Two Marketing Processes!

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Lead Generation System For Business Brokers

Orlando Business Broker Marketing Bootcamp was a Smash Hit

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The Twenty Hour Work Week

And What It Means To You in Your Professional Services Business

Over the past 35 years I’ve built or bought 15 different businesses. All but one was a successful. However, the successes came at a steep cost.
I’m on my 3rd marriage, and up until 4 years ago, I hardly knew my kids, and they didn’t have much use for me.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know, first hand, the sacrifices we owners make, and its just crazy no one needs to work like a dog in their business … no one.


4 years ago, I bought this business brokerage office and it changed my life.

Let me tell you a quick story ……
The guy I bought the business from had been a business broker for a very long time and was of a pack-rat.

When I closed in the business, I got filing cabinets dating way back into the 1990’s and I had the unique opportunity to review hundreds of old business files.

While Reviewing and Digging Through the Records,
Very Distinct Patterns Began to Emerge!

This may, or may not come as a shock to you, but here it is …

In Every Instance: If the business owner worked in the business for More than 20 hours per week, the business suffered in one way or another, and in the end, the overwhelming majority of them end up closing their doors for one reason or another.

The business went BUST, or the owner just closed the doors in defeat! They may have tried to sell the business, but no buyers showed up. If they tried to hand it down to the future generation, well, I’m not willing go there in this blog.

In “Stark Contrast”

In Every Instance: If the business owner worked in the business for Less than 20 hours per week, the exact opposite happened! The business flourished and operated smoothly and profitably. The business was valuable and easily sold quickly and at the full asking price or slightly higher.

Needless to say, after noticing the pattern I immediately began working on changing the way I did my own business and within 6 months, I got my workweek down to 20 hours or less!


  • The business operates without me
  • My 3rd wife (yes 3rd!) loves me
  • My kids like me again
  • The grandchildren know who I am!

Long Story Short …… The Purpose of a Business Is To Give The Business Owner More Time and A Better Life.
If you’ve been working like a dog in your business and your life isn’t what you believe it should be …

There is a way out, and I know how to get you there.

I Create a Free Report and detailed my findings and you can get a copy of it for FREE and without obligation by clicking the report title below.

The Twenty Hour Work Week and
What It Means To You And Your Business

This Report Might Very Well Help You Make a Lot More Money Than You’re Making Right Now, and Give You a LOT More Free Time As Well.