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Business Ownership Lifecycle

The 7 Stages of a Business Lifecycle

Download Episode Here 7 Stages of The Business Lifecycle Every business goes through a number of changes during the course of its lifetime, and business owners should make sure they understand exactly

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The 5 Fundamental Elements of Every Successful and Sellable Business

Download Episode Here Welcome to Podcast Episode #1. Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Business Flourish While Others in the Same Industry Vanish? By the end of this Podcast and article, you will know more

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Use Different Bait When Fishing For Listing Leads

If You’re Fishing For Listing Leads In The Same Pond as Everyone Else, You Need To Use Different Bait !  Fishing for listing leads is a never ending process. There is no such thing as one perfect

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Customer Contact Is The Secret To Long Term Business Success

Hello dear readers – Have you ever heard of Joe Girard? He was known as “The Worlds Greatest Salesperson” – he sold cars. I read a book about him once and found his story quite

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Direct Mail Secrets for Business Brokers

 If you ask any random 10 business owners who have used Direct Mail Marketing in their business, 9 out of the 10 will say it was terrible, and the 10th will politely smile, say nothing, and walk away. If

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the twenty hour work week

The Twenty Hour Work Week

Over the past 35 years I’ve built or bought 15 different businesses. All but one was a successful. However, the successes came at a steep cost. I’m on my 3rd marriage, and up until 4 years ago, I

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4 Step Phone Strategy That Wins The Appointment 99.9% of The Time

“How You Can Convert Phone Calls Into Appointments, Paydays, Raving Fans and Referrals in 4 Simple Steps” Once you’ve invested time and money into marketing, your phone is going to start ringing. The

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Marketing Minute

In today’s day and age, many of us tend to run to the office, jump behind the desk and begin pecking away – working our fingers to the bone pecking at a keyboard, or have the phone stuck to our ear

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buying a professional practice business

Buying a Professional Practice Business

Tips for Buying a Professional Practice Business Every month receive a few requests from Financial Planners, Money Managers, CPAs a few Insurance companies interested in buying a Professional Practice

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Business Exit Timing

McDonalds Is Going Broke – They Should Read My Book

The Most Successful Restaurant in The Word … McDonalds Is Going Broke – They Should Read My Book and Learn What They’re Doing Wrong McDonalds Is Going Broke According a recent Bloomberg

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