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the twenty hour work week

The Twenty Hour Work Week

Over the past 35 years I’ve built or bought 15 different businesses. All but one of them was a successful venture. However, those successes came at a steep cost. I’m on my 3rd marriage, and up until

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Business Rule #20

Business Rule # 20

Business Rule Number #20. The Less You Work, The More You’ll Make! How to Significantly Increase Business Profits and Value – By Working Less Than You Do Now. Many small business owners focus on growing

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how to calculate goodwill of a small business

Goodwill and Your Business

Goodwill is the part of business value that is over and above the value of the identifiable assets owned in the company. This article I’m going to briefly explain to you How To Calculate Goodwill

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business staging

Business Staging Is The New Way To Effectively Sell A Business For Top Dollar

With Tsunami of Baby Boomer Business Owners Looking To Sell and Retire, Business Staging Will Become a Necessity. The Massive Wave of Baby Boomer Business Owners Retiring And Placing Their Businesses Up

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documents for selling a business

Documents for Selling a Business

Documents For Selling a Business When you’re planning on selling your business, it’s vitally important for you to consider the fact that a buyer is going to look for clear, concise answers to the

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Easy Way To Value a Small Business

The Quick and Easy Way To Value a Small Business

The Quick and Easy Way To Value a Small Business There is a lot of bologna, spin, gimmicks and fast talking out there when it comes to valuing a small business. In the next couple paragraphs, I’m going

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Business GPA Score

Business Lessons From Selling My House

This is a story from an associate of mine Burt. He is a business value building coach with He tells a story about selling his house and I wrap it up with comparing it to selling a

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business and vacations

Business and Vacations

The best thing you can do for your business is go on a long vacation. How many times have you muttered the words “This Place Would Fall Apart If I Ever Took a Vacation.” If you ask any 50 small

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Business Exit Plan

Business Life-Cycle | Business Exit Plan

Every business goes through a number of changes during the course of its lifetime, and business owners should make sure they understand exactly where they are in the cycle so they can prepare for the next

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Business Value Video Series

That Can Help You  Take a Labor Intensive, Underperforming, Cash Sucking Business and Turn It Into a Low-Friction Operation That Uses Capital Efficiently, Operates Profitably &Prints Money Consistently,

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