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 If you ask any random 10 business owners who have used Direct Mail Marketing in their business, 9 out of the 10 will say it was terrible, and the 10th will politely smile, say nothing, and walk away.

direct mail secrets for business brokers

If you ask anyone in the real estate brokerage field about Direct Mail Marketing 9 of them will say the results were terrible, and the 10th one will smile, say nothing and quietly slip into their $100,000car a drive off.

Notice a trend?

9 out of 10 fail, and the 10th one makes a bloody fortune.


Want to know why?

There are many reasons. Way too many to post on this article, but I’m going to point out a couple of the main reasons.

  1. You need to know WHO your target market is, and you need to get a GOOD list. Random mailings in a shot-gun approach are foolish. Smart and successful direct mail marketers know the power is in the list.
    Dan Kennedy, who is perhaps the most successful direct mail GURU in the world says in his book the Ultimate Sales Letter, You can have the greatest sales letter in the world, send it to a bad list, and get dismal results, and you can have a not so hot sales letter and send it to a good list, and your results will be OK – combine a good sales letter with a good list, and you’ll make a fortune. (This is not a direct quote but close enough so you get the idea)
  2. Some direct mail marketers focus so much on WHAT they mail, that they lose sight of another variable that’s just as important – and that’s WHEN they mail. There are only certain weeks in a year to effectively do direct mail.

Otherwise, you’re competing with holidays, vacations, seasonality of the business cycle, and more.

Here’s a Tip For You:

If You Don’t Want Your Direct Mail Campaigns to Bomb,
ou Have to Get Your Timing Down.

In my experience, most industries have a good time of year to mail (when they get stellar results) … and a bad one (when you wonder if anyone out there is listening).

Watch This Video About Direct Mail

Do you know which season is best for you?

While you may have a general idea of good times to mail, you may not know those weeks or months to avoid – when your response rate falls like a stone.

Let me share with you a story from Craig Simpson of Simpson Direct Mail. (Full disclosure, I  use Craig’s mailing service, and consider his company one of the best in the business.)

As an example, one of Craig’s clients mails sales letters about commodities. You know, corn, wheat, sugar, etc. They teach people how to trade commodities based on technical principles.

As you can imagine, one of their target prospects for this offer is farmers. The idea is that they can learn how to “hedge” their crops by buying and selling commodities. This makes them less vulnerable to changing market conditions.

When they first started mailing this commodity offer to farmers, It had tremendous success.
But … it didn’t last!

After a few months, the response rate dropped off the table, to almost zero. Why?

After testing exhaustively, month after month, they figured out the problem. It was very simple. Farmers were NOT responsive during their harvest season.


They’re working 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. They don’t have time to read the mail. Or think about learning something new.

But … they are HIGHLY responsive in the off-season, after the harvest.

Knowing about this seasonality allowed Craig to aggressively mail farmers in the off-season, and avoid mailing them during harvest season.

Sound’s obvious right? Well – maybe to you and me it does, because we’re sitting here reading the story, looking at it with a different pair of glasses.


When I was buying and selling building lots via direct mail I learned to NEVER mail on the week before, or the week of a 3 day holiday,

In my experience, the absolute WORST response rates were during holidays –  

  • Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, etc.
  • The Month of August
  • The months of November and December were also terrible. You can’t compete with Thanksgiving, and Christmas Holidays.

I found the BEST time to mail is January through May.

How do I know all this?

I’ve sent you tens of thousands of direct mail pieces. Newsletters, postcards, First Class Letters, and bulk mail.

I’ve tried more times than I’d like to admit to prove the direct mail GURUS’ like Dan Kennedy and Craig Simpson wrong, and I got bit in the pocketbook every single time.

If you want to get the best results from your direct mail campaigns, you have to learn how responses vary according to the time of year. Experiment with small mailings and compare responses over time.

Armed with information on the best times to mail, you can make the best use of your advertising budget.

So, now you have a good idea of the best week and month of the year to market via direct mail.

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Direct mail is just one way you can attract leads for your business – trust me – there are many.

Let me keep you informed of the latest direct mail tips, tricks, and sure-fire techniques that can help build your business fast.

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