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If You’re Fishing For Listing Leads In The Same Pond as Everyone Else,
You Need To Use Different Bait ! 

Fishing for listing leads is a never ending process. There is no such thing as one perfect way to get 20 listing leads, but there are 20 ways to get one or two listing leads, and out of the 20, one or two of them will produce more listing leads than all of the others combined.

direct mail for listing leads

Use Direct Mail For Listing Leads

You need to switch baits to get the attention of the big ones. After all …. It’s a lot easier to get listing leads when you’re the only one the prospects see, right?

Simple answer!

Now-a-days, with the internet, almost everyone is drinking from the same Kool-Aid container and getting Kool-Aid results.

Use Different Bait

Practically all your competitors are following the herd and doing the same exact same thing as everyone else.

…Facebook, LinkedIn, Google PPC, Retargeting Ads, etc.

You better have deep pockets and be a brilliant internet marketer to have any luck.

All of these sources are so over-crowded now-a-days, it’s akin to a bunch of fishermen in a big pond using the same type of bait – only this bait is advertising noise.

I have agents from all over the country telling me HORROR STORIES of spending (wasting) $2,000…$3,000…even $4,000 a month or more for Google PPC, Facebook ads, and other online lead sources…and they are barely breaking even!

…the craziest part is, just how many do you think are out there that won’t admit to pissing away that much money?

So how do you fix it…

Direct Mail is Different Bait

Quick Story of Sam Walton: In the early days of Walmart, Sam Walton made a strategic decision to “go where the competition isn’t.”

Now obviously Walmart is everywhere today, but in the early days of the company their biggest strategic advantage was building stores in small underserved markets.

That laid the foundation for massive future growth.
Well I encourage you to use a similar strategy. I call it…

“When the Crowd Goes One Way, …You Go The Other!”

Yea – I hear ya’ Everyone  says, “Direct Mail is Dead” – “Direct Mail Does’t Work” – “Direct Mail Is Old-School”

Well, because of direct mail and direct mail ONLY, we picked up:

  • TWO listings last week, got
  • SIX other calls and booked
  • FOUR more listening appointments for next week.
    (tell me again … how many did you get from Google PPC ads?)

The SECRET to direct mail marketing is having a good list or farm area, and you need to mail consistently.

If you pick a farm area and mail to them at a minimum of one per quarter (4 times per year) you’ll own the area – hit them 6 times per year, and you’ll build a fence so high around your farm that no-one else will be able to enter.

Direct Mail Still Works Folks – and probably better now than before because it’s different bait than everyone else uses!

People still go to the mailbox, and people still read the mail.

Then, when that potential listing prospect sees our letter or postcard, there is no competition- they do one of three things.

1) They read it and toss it in the trash 2) They read it and put it in a drawer to grab later, or 3) They read it and call you.

Here’s the rub – THEY READ IT    there’s no competition… it’s the only one of its kind.

You have effectively fished in a different pond!

There’s No Competition WhatsoeverNONE!

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