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The Most Successful Restaurant in The Word … McDonalds Is Going Broke – They Should Read My Book and Learn What They’re Doing Wrong McDonalds Is Going Broke

According a recent Bloomberg article written by Leslie Patton titled:

McDonald’s Turnaround Fails to Get More Customers in Door


They’re blaming the competition and everything else for their sluggish and shrinking sales. When all they need to do is look in the mirror and take personal responsibility.

Personally, I love their fish sandwiches and happen to thing they make the best fish sandwiches in the world. However, that being said. over the past five or so years, every time I visited a McDonalds, I would mutter under my breath “It look like McDonalds is Going Broke,” on my way out.  The reason being, is I felt my business was not appreciated when at the counter, was forced to wait a LONG TIME for my meal, and to be honest, I felt like the people working there didn’t care one way or the other!

I don’t go to McDonalds any longer – Taco Bell is faster and they appreciate their customers.

I wonder when the last time leadership has actually walked into any one of the thousands of them in existence and tried to get a meal.

If they did, they would get a VERY-RUDE awakening.

It used to be you could go into McDonalds and be greeted with a smile, and hear “Welcome to McDonalds, May I Take You Order?” You immediately felt welcomed and appreciated.

Now, while you might hear the “Welcome to McDonalds” pitch, it comes from someone who is obviously not happy to be there, they say it with contempt in their voice, and  what was once a smile has been replaced with a scowl.

Add to it the fact that no longer can you get your order delivered rapidly – it is taking longer and longer.

In my opinion, it is a classic case of lack of Leadership and loss of Focus.

I delve into this in my book “The 5 Fundamental Elements of Every Successful and Sellable Business.Business Growth
The unfortunate thing is, I actually used McDonalds as one of the success stories on the importance of Front End Sales. However, that being said, historically, regardless of the business or location, if a business looses 3 of the 5 Fundamentals, the business will fail.

According to this article, it is obvious McDonalds is missing TWO, and quite possibly THREE of them.

ONE: Leadership.
TWO: Front End Sales
THREE: Back End Sales and Product Fulfillment.

Watch McDonalds – if they don’t take a “Cold-Hard-Look” in the mirror, they will get run over by the competition and be nothing more than another fast food drive through with terrible service.

I tell you one thing …. If I had money in the Stock Market, I’d Short McDonalds stock! McDonalds is Going Broke if they don’t go back to basics soon.


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