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small business buyers and sellers

.The Upcoming Presidential Election Will Have a HUGE Impact on Small Business Buyers and Sellers

Both Buyers & Sellers Say Election Results Could Drastically Change Their Business Plans.

Data Indicates Huge Shift in Small Business Transactions – All Depending on the Results of Upcoming Presidential Election.

WOW – my mind is akin to a bunch of scrambled eggs after reading the new survey of the  just 2016 Buyer-Seller Confidence Index Survey on BizBuySell.com.

…. Word-Salad is what comes to mind with the information in the article.
It sounds like it was written by a political speech writer because is says one thing and contradicts itself a few paragraphs later.

Anyway, I took the better part of this morning and translated it the best I could for you.
(At the end of this blog is a link to the original article if you feel like scrambling your brain)

In a nutshell, here is a simplified version: small business buyers and sellers

Buyers & Sellers Say the Election Results Will Determine Their Plans Buy or Sell A Small Business

Get This:

  • An “Eye-Popping” 73% of business sellers and 69% of business buyers feel that if Hillary Clinton wins the election, she will hurt the current small business environment, and 47% believe she will make it WORSE.
  • If Hillary wins, the business for sale market will explode by 20% because that’s how many current business owners claim they will throw in the towel – significantly adding to the business for sale inventory.
  • AND …. if she wins, 31% of the people actively looking business buyers said they would stop looking – significantly decreasing the amount of buyers in the market.
  • In Contrast, if Donald Trump wins the election, 57% of business sellers and 54% of business buyers will be dancing in the streets with excitement about the future.

I’m Not Going To Get Political and Give My Opinion Either Way  … – But based on the survey results, if Hillary becomes president, the small business market is going to be slaughtered.

Keep reading – I have more news for you.

Over 2,000 business buyers and sellers were surveyed, and a score of 0 to 100 was given with a score of 50 being neutral and 100 equaling perfect.
Here Are the Results ….. small business buyers and sellers

Business Sellers are less confident about the future with concerns being:

  • 38% fear of a depressed small business environment and economy
  • 31% fear increasing costs
  • 22% have declining sales and revenue
  • 17% are scared stiff of the changing wage regulations
  • 15% are hanging and unknown healthcare regulations that keep coming

Others don’t believe their business is performing well enough to be put on the market for sale.

Business Buyers Anticipating More Negotiable Prices:

Business buyers are more confident that business sellers are more negotiable than they have been. 73% of them believe they can get a “deal.”

When asked what makes small business prices more acceptable:

  • 38% for lower asking price
  • 29% decrease in business buyers in the marketplace looking – making it a buyers market
  • 23% increase in business listings and more competition – again making it a buyers market

For the buyers out there still looking to buy a business, 44% of them are in no hurry and are looking for the right business.

75% of the business buyers out there have CASH, while 25% of them will require financing.

So just why is the election result so important to small business owners and prospective buyers this year?

New Government Regulation And The Coming  Business Sales Nightmare:

Another issue impacting the small business community is the new Department of Labor overtime rules. Effective December 1, 2016, the new rules mandate any employees making less than $47,476 annually must be paid at least time and a half their regular rate of pay for any hours worked in excess of 40 a week.  Almost half (48 percent) of soon-to-be business sellers believe the new overtime regulations will significantly decrease the value of small businesses, and an equal amount or 48% of business buyers believe it will significantly decrease the value of small business and therefore are sitting on the sidelines.
This is going to slaughter profits for small business and have a catastrophic effect on small business valuations and sales.

What does this mean to you a business seller? It means it’s more important than ever to “Stage” your business for sale before you place it on the market. In order for you to get “Top-Dollar” for your business, it’s going to have to stand out from the crowd. Staging your business for sale will do just that.

Want to learn more about Business Staging? Click Here and Read This Post

# # # #

The link to the article is: http://www.bizbuysell.com/news/article120.html?utm_source=bizbuysell&utm_medium=bbs_email&utm_campaign=sellerb092816 if you want to read the whole thing.


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